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Barracuda Content Shield

Make web browsing safe for
your business.

18.5 million websites are infected with malware at any given time.*

Protect your users and business from malicious links, websites and downloads.
*Source: Sitelock

Block access to malicious content.

Protect local and remote users from accessing malicious websites.

Protect employee productivity.

40% of internet activity is non-work related.* Stop unproductive or inappropriate web browsing with granular access policies.

Deliver and manage from the cloud.

Get started in minutes with no client software to install.

Keep malware out of your network.

A single click from one of your users can release destructive malware into your network. Barracuda Content Shield provides Advanced DNS and URL filtering to prevent users from accessing this malicious web content.

Now you see it, now they don’t.

Departments require differentiated access to web content. Barracuda Content Shield integrates with LDAP and Azure AD, making it easy to set policy based on individual users or groups. Use our pre-loaded category filters to block inappropriate content and ensure that your employee web-browsing remains productive and compliant.

Easy to deploy, easy to manage.

Barracuda Content Shield is a hundred-percent SaaS Solution, eliminating the complexity and cost of traditional hardware deployments. Setup takes minutes, and its proxy-free architecture routes only untrustworthy requests for analysis — so you get optimal protection without latency. Centralized management provides at-a-glance visibility into users’ browsing activity, making it easy to identify high-risk individuals.

Whether on or off the network, users are protected.

Protecting your users only when they’re on-site is insufficient. Unprotected web browsing by remote or offsite workers can result in them introducing malware when they re-join your network. The optional Barracuda Content Shield agent lets you easily extend company policies to anyone outside of the network.

Leverage Barracuda global threat intelligence to enhance security.

Barracuda’s unmatched global threat intelligence network ingests vast amounts of diverse, real-time threat information from millions of collection points around the world. Barracuda Content Shield leverages this system to continually enhance its threat-detection capabilities and respond to fast-evolving threat trends.

Gain global endpoint visibility.

An out-of-date operating system can leave an endpoint vulnerable to security breaches. With Barracuda Content Shield, you can gain visibility into all network assets and their security status.

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