CCleaner Cloud for business

Powerful PC cleaning and management for your business

Up to 50% decrease in IT costs

20X faster than cleaning manually

0 impact on PC resources

CCleaner Cloud

Cloud-based version of the award-winning tool CCleaner, designed for IT Managers

Simplify your IT maintenance

Automate PC cleaning tasks, manage them remotely and free up your time for other business-critical IT projects.

Reduce your IT costs

Decrease the number of IT support tickets, extend the life of PC hardware, and get more work done without increasing the size of your IT team.

Increase business efficiency

Increase employee, IT and business productivity with fewer work disturbances and less repetitive, manual IT work.

Discover our features below

Automate PC cleaning and fix windows registry

Delete temp files, cache, cookies and other junk files across all your PCs at your own schedule.

Clean multiple PCs in one go remotely

Save time by performing optimization tasks to a single PC, defined workgroups or multiple PCs at once.

Manage all your PCs from one place

Optimize and maintain all your PCs from a single online-based console.

Install/Uninstall software remotely

Remotely install and uninstall software across your PC network.

Detailed PC insights at your fingertips

Get all relevant PC insights and PC performance reports across your organization.


Best Value

Annual subscription

CCleaner Cloud for Business

1 Year R 168.56 (Excl VAT)

2 Years R 303.40 (Excl VAT)

3 Years R 404.53 (Excl VAT)

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