Protect your data.
Never pay for ransomware.

Keep your business data secure with Cloud Backup. Minimize downtime and access critical information anytime, anywhere.

Backup & Disaster Recovery (100GB/Quantity)

Avast Business Cloud Backup

1 Year R 1801.00 (Excl VAT)

2 Years R 3602.00 (Excl VAT)

3 Years R 5404.00 (Excl VAT)

Why do you need backup?

With employees working from anywhere, increasing threats of ransomware, and expanding compliance needs, the risk to your business devices has never been higher. Small businesses cannot keep up and the bad guys know it! Ransomware has exploded 400% between 2018-2020. Every business, regardless of size, needs a secure, simple, and easy-to-manage device data protection solution.

Why Avast Business Cloud Backup?

Ransomware protection

Stay prepared against ransomware threats and ensure business continuity.

Easy to use

Back up your most critical data from anywhere. Get peace of mind that your files, folders, servers, QuickBooks, and other accounting files are safe.

Unlimited devices & retention policy

One backup plan allows you to protect as many devices as you want and keep your history for as long as you need it.

Easy management & recovery

Easy management and recovery from anywhere from our Business Hub cloud-based platform.

Secure encryption

Every file is securely encrypted, both in transit and in the cloud.

Free business-grade support

24/5 support from our highly trained technical engineers who can assist you via email, chat, or phone.

How it works

Select your backup plan in the Business Hub

Define your backup policy

Deploy an agent to your devices

Manage and recover your data from anywhere


5 steps to protect small businesses from ransomware

Learn how to limit ransomware and avoid downtime.

Get Cloud Backup in the Business Hub

Prevent data loss, minimize downtime
Cloud Backup keeps data secure and ensures business continuity by protecting devices with an automated backup process that is easy to use and manage.

Never worry about data loss again. Get peace of mind.

Backup & Disaster Recovery (100GB/Quantity)

Avast Business Cloud Backup

1 Year R 1801.00 (Excl VAT)

2 Years R 3602.00 (Excl VAT)

3 Years R 5404.00 (Excl VAT)

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Avast Business Premium Remote Control

1 Year R 5649.00 (Excl VAT)

2 Years R 10179.00 (Excl VAT)

Avast Business Premium Remote Control Unlimited

1 Year R 49779.00 (Excl VAT)

2 Years R 74669.00 (Excl VAT)

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