AVG AntiTrack

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AVG AntiTrack

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See what they see

We can show you what websites know about you the moment you visit them (don’t worry, we won’t save the info).

The truth about being followed online


of websites track their visitors


unique companies make their money stalking your online activity


random bits of information about you exist online – without your knowledge


accuracy – which means these groups can always tell who you are

The truth about being followed online

The more you browse, the more info is added to your fingerprint, so it gets bigger – and more accurate. This makes it possible for websites to be 99% sure who you are, no matter if you’re logged in or not.
They know things like:

Banking data

Browser settings

Device setup

Medical info

Web browsing history

Credit score

Family info

…And lots, lots more

AVG AntiTrack gets advertisers off your back, with one simple app

We stop tracking in one click

Once we detect someone’s trying to follow you, we’ll warn you and block them instantly – or we’ll make some fake fingerprints to throw em’ off.

Don’t pay more than you have to

Prices online can be jacked up if retailers think you’ll be willing to pay. So we make sure to keep them guessing about your shopping habits.

We trick advertisers with fake digital fingerprints

Advertisers can only build a portfolio by connecting the dots as you browse. So we make sure they connect the wrong dots.

Don’t get caught red-handed

AVG AntiTrack also deletes tracking cookies and browsing history, so people on your side of the screen don’t know what you do online either.

What’s so bad about collecting my data?

Advertisers and shops charge you more

When advertisers and online retailers see all your info, they customize their offers to something they hope you’ll find more enticing. A unique shopping experience might not be so bad, except they also jack up prices if they think you’d be willing to pay it.

Data miners sell your personal info

Data is the new gold, and it’s a lot easier to dig up: people who collect yours sell it for big bucks without your consent. And if selling your privacy isn’t bad enough, they can also leak information you don’t want the world to know.

Spoilsports ruin your fun

Notice how when you shop for something, you see ads for it all over the place? That’s no accident. And thanks to those customizable ads, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out exactly what you do online.

Anti-tracking tools aren’t created equal

Some tools are simply better than others.

Fortunately, you can combine them, and we’d suggest pairing AntiTrack with a good VPN (like ours!)


The simple way to get your privacy back

1 PC

AVG AntiTrack

1 Year R 407.15 (Excl VAT)

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